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Starmeter Instruments Co.,Ltd , established in March 2003 ,registered capital RMB 5 million , is a professional company  engaged in research & development and sales of measuring instruments.

Thanks to the mature industry chain of electronic products manufacturing in Shenzhen, we can take advantage of all the related resources to speed up our new products research and development than manufactures of any other regions in China mainland.

We are the first company in China manufactured the digital multimeter with double-injection mold, and this technology was approved by Italian HT company and won us quite a reputation. 
In 2009, we put our coating thickness gauge into the market, with it's affordable price and excellent performance, soon the sales rising rapidly in the global market. We then developed more thickness gauges to meet various applications.

Except the electric and Non-destructive measuring device, we also add environment measuring tools to our product line including infrared thermometer, moisture meter, weather station, sound meter...

While we keep designing one to two new products every year, we also been working with several famous domestic brands for reselling their products, including U-NIT, VICTOR ... 

After all those years of cooperation, we already get very competitive dealer price from them, which makes it possible to offer our customers a competitive price too. 

Quality Control

Starmeter has established a flexible and practical quality control system, which enables us to meet our customer needs in a short time but at lowest cost .We have special strict inspections for every section from raw material choose, supplier assessment, incoming inspection, to production process control. We make sure every single product been carefully tested before leaving the factory.  

Manufacture Facility

In order to make our products cost-effectively, in 2008, we build our own production line independently, till now, we already own two assembling factories, a mold factory, two injection factories and a silk printing workshop. Working together, we can shorten the lead-time to the maximum, and we can response very quickly for a customized prototype, and meet the customers OEM requirements easily. 

Road Ahead

Internet of things is a trend, and we are now focusing on connecting the measure devices to networking. Striving to make the traditional instrument more intelligent and more users friendly. 
If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.
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