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Wireless rain gauge with indoor thermometer WH0203

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WH0203 wireless rain gauge with indoor thermometer 433MHZ
This wireless rain gauge designed for everyday use. the weather station will prove to be an asset of great value for your personal use in home or office. please read the instruction manual thoroughly to full understand the correct operation  of your weather station and benefit from its unique feature .
1.detail display of rainfall data in 1 hour,24 hour, week and total since last reset(user selectable in inch or mm) controlled clock with manual setting option.
3.Calendar(day-month –year display)
4.Indoor temperature (C or F)
5.Time zone setting
6.12 or  24 hour time mode
7.Free standing
Indoor temperature range:-40°C to +60°C
Resolution: 0.1°C
Power consumption
Base station:2*AA 1.5v
Remote sensor:2*AAA 1.5v
Battery life:Minimum 12 months for both sensor and receiver
Package contents
1*weather station base unit
1*rain sensor
Mounting screw
Instruction manual
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