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Wall Scanner WS120

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Wall Detector
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Wood , Metal , Wire detector

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WS-120 is a handhold wall scanner for quick detection of
magnetic metals in wall, rooftop and floor, such as reinforcing steels, iron pipes, and nonmagnetic metals such as aluminum pipes, copper pipes, and nonmetal materials such as beams, PVC water pipes, as well as electrified objects as live wires.
-Perfect for detecting metal, wood and AC cable hidden in the wall.
-Indicates the detecting results by Light and Beep
-Detect AC cable with voltage higher than 110V, 50-60Hz, the sensibility may be weak when the cable is grounded.
-High accuracy, with a maximum detection depth of 110mm.

Detect Ferrous metal and Non-ferrous metal AC live wires, wood
Maximum scanning depth: 110mm
Ferrous metals: 110mm
Non-ferrous metals (copper pipe): 110mm
Copper conductors (live): 50mm
Wood: 25mm
Automatic switch-off after approx: 5min
Operating Condition :
Temperature: -10 to 50C
Storage temperature: -20C to 70C
General Information: 
Battery type: 3 * 1.5V, AAA alkaline (not included in the packing)
Dimensions: 185*85*33mm

Weight: 180g

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