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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge TM-8812

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  • TM-8812 (1.00~200.00mm)

* Provides wide measurement range of 1.00 ~ 200.00mm, high resolution, ease of operation and low power consumption with Low Battery Indicator
* Can match probes of 11 different frequencies with high power emission and broad band of receiving sensitivity. It's widely used in almost all types of industries to measure rough surfaces and even cast iron with ease
* With auto switch off after being idle for 2 minutes and manual switch off at anytime
* Features instant results that's clearly & legibly shown on an easy-to-read LCD screen and exact reading with no guessing or errors.

Operating principle: ULTRASONIC
Measuring method: Ultrasonic pulse echo
Measuring range (metric/imperial): 1.00~200.00mm, 0.039-7.87inch (45# steel)
Resolution: 0.1mm / 0.00394 inch (TM-8812C with resolution :0.01mm)
Accuracy: (0.5%n+0.1)
Sound velocity: 500 - 9000m/s
Lower limit steel pipes: Φ15mm x 2.0mm, Φ20mm x 3.0mm determined by the transducer
Material Selection: Steel, Cast iron, Aluminum, Red copper, Brass, Zinc, Quartz glass, Polyethylene, PVC, Gray cast iron, Nodular cast iron
Operating Temperature: 0º C-50º C(32º F-122º F)
Operating Humidity: Less than 80% RH
Display: 4 digits, 10mm LCD.

Battery: 4 x 1.5V AAA (UM-4) battery (not included)
Packing: Protective Carrying Case with contoured rubber compartments.

Standard Accessories:
1. Main Unit
2. Calibration Block
3. Coupling Agent
4. Carrying Case
5. Operating Manual

Optional Accessories:
1. USB, RS-232C data cable with software
2. Bluetooth data output with software

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