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Sound Level Meter (SL811)

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Digital Multi-function Sound Level Meter
Model: SL811

* CE marked
* Conforms to the IEC651 TYPE 2 and ANSI S1.4 TYPE 2 set standards
* Wide measurement range of 30-130dB and Instantaneous sound measure function
* With two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C
* With fast and slow dynamic characteristic modes
* AC and DC signed output for frequency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder etc.
* Equipped with windscreen that filters the undesired or unwanted signal
* With Bar-graph Indicating & Max Value Holding with large LCD screen and 4-digit LCD display readings
* With Tripod mounting provision on the back of the unit for field use
* Optional RS232C interface and software

Brief Specifications:
7 Levels: 30 ~ 130 dB selectable using the Level Selecting Button switch.
Level 1: 30 ~ 80dB
Level 2: 40 ~ 90dB
Level 3: 50 ~ 100dB
Level 4: 60 ~ 110dB
Level 5: 70 ~ 120dB
Level 6: 80 ~ 130dB
Level 7: 30 ~ 130dB
Accuracy: ± 1.5 dB
Frequency Range: 31.5 Hz to 8.5k Hz
Linearity Range: 50dB
Measuring Level: 30~130dBA, 35~130dBC
Frequency Weighting: A, C
Digital Display: 4 digits
Resolution: 0.1dB
Display: 0.5 secretary
Bar Graph: 50dB scale at 1dB step for monitoring current sound pressure level display period of 50ms
Over indicate over range: Under indicate less than lower limit of the range.

AC output: 0.707 Vrms at FS output impedance approx 600 Ω
DC output: 10 mV / dB output impedance approx 100 Ω
Time weighting: Fast / Slow
Microphone: ½ Inch electret condenser microphone
Max: Maximum hold

Weight : 500g
Battery : 1*9v(6f22)
Address: Room 606, 2nd building, Animation Park, No.5 Yuehai Rd, Nanshan District, Shenzhen GuangDong China. 
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