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Non Contact Phase Detector ETCR1000C

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·Designed for non-contact checking of open phase, open circuit and phase sequence of electric network 
·Live wire detection, line maintenance
·Breakpoint locating
·Simple power detection
·Auto power off (5 minutes)
·with magnet base for convenient placing
·High safety, easy operation
Technical Specifications:
Functions:Phase detection (normal phase, reverse phase and phase deficiency), Live wire examination, Simple Power detection, Breakpoint location and Line maintenance.
Power Supply:DC3V AA Mn batteries (R6P) ×2 PCS, Continuously working for 200 hours
AC Voltage Range(V):AC0~600V, 40~70Hz (Sine Wave Continuous Input)
Clamp Wire Size:Diameter ø1.6-ø16mm
LED Display:Positive Phase Sequence:The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (clockwise).
                   Negative Phase Sequence:The four phase-sequence lamps blink in order (counterclockwise).
                   Line-voltage Indication:L1\L2\L3  lamp light up.
                   Default Phase:L1/L2/L3  lamp is off.
                   Open Circuit:L1/L2/L3  lamp is off.
Power On Indication:Power on indication light turns on
Auto Power off:After 3 minutes, the meter automatically cut off power supply.
Meter Dimension:Width, height, thickness 70mm*75mm*30mm
Clamp Lead Length:0.5m
Meter Weight:180g (with battery)
Working Temperature and Humidity:-10ºC~55ºC; below 80%rh
Storage Temperature and Humidity:-20ºC~60ºC; below 90%rh
Maximum Measured Voltag:AC600V
Dielectric Strength:5.4kVrms
Maximum rated Power:100mVA
Safety Provisions:EN61010-1: 2001, EN61010-031: 2002, Pollution level 2, CAT III(600V), Transient over-voltage 6000V
Accessories:Meter: 1 Piece; Carrying case; 1 Piece.

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