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Multi-Functions Cables Tracker WT-28

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Wire tracker
Cable tracer
network cable finder

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WT28 is a handheld multifunction wire tracker, a must have tool for engineers and technicians of Network, Telecommunications, Radio and Television, Security, Electric System...

WT28 is suitable for test network cable, telephone wire, coaxial cable, metal cable... 


-Wire Tracking: Find the target wire among a number of wires/cables via RJ11 RJ45 BNC ,  

              and it can track wire while the Ethernet switch, Router, computer are powered on;

-Network wire collation 

-Tests for open circuits, shorts, miswires, reversals, and split pairs

-Identify the state of working telephone line (clear, ringing, off-hook), identify the TIP line and RING line;

-DC level test and identify the polarity;

-Test continuity and impedance of the cables or wires;

-LED torchlight, easy to use even in bad light condition;

-Earth phone for measurement in noisy condition;


Measurement distance of cables: 100m (MAX)

Working Condition : 0-40C<80%RH

Storage Condition : -10-50C,<95%RH

General Information

Power supply: 1.5V*3 AAA Battery / 1*9.0V 6F22

Product size: 65x28x130mm; 38x30x196mm

Weight : 220g

Packing : Pouchx1 , English Manual x 1 

                RJ11 line x1 , RJ45 line x 1 

                Alligator clip adapter x 1 , earphone x1

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