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Moisture Meter ST8040

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wood moisture meter
concrete moisture meter
building materials moisture meter
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ST8040 designed to measure material moisture with manual and automatic range selection. 

Quickly measures deferent 7 material (Hard wood, Soft wood, Cement mortar, Lime mortar, Bricks) for moisture with resolution:0.1%, 0.2% accuracy, meanwhile, it displays the temperature for ℃, ℉.

LCD backlight function make you reading easily even in the darkness. 

It is ideal for DIY, building and engineering project. 

Using this meter to check or measure moisture is the surest and quickest way to maintain safety in buildings and to help minimize moisture problems in lumber production, drying, and in all phases of furniture manufacturing, woodworking and building construction. 

Using the meter right can insure that wood will maintain dimensional stability and free from costly defects such as surface checks, splits, warping and delaminating.


High resolution & sensitivity

Large LCD display

Data Hold Function

Respond quickly 

Low battery indication with Auto-Power Off function 

Auto Off: 10 minutes without operation


Parameters: % material moisture contents, 

                     temperature℃, ℉

Measurement range: 0.0%~95.7%, -10 ~ +50℃

Accuracy: Conductivity measurement: ±2%

Temperature: ±1℃

Resolution: 0.1% , 0.1℃, 0.1℉

Digital display: 3 digits

Operating Temperature: -10~60°C (-4~140°F)

Measurement selection:

Material 18.8~54.8%Beech,Spruce,Larch,Birch ,Cherry, Walnut 

Material 27.0~47.9%Oak ,Cedar, Maple ,Ash Tree ,Douglas Fir, Meranti 

Material 30.9~22.1%Cement,Concrete Plane,Plaster Produce

Material 40.0~11.0%Anhydrite Plane

Material 50.7~8.6%        Cement Mortar

Material 60.6~ 9.9%Lime Mortar

Material 70.1~16.5%Brick

General information 

Power Supply: 1.5V*3 AAA Battery (included)

Size: 121 x 55.5 x 28 mm

Weight :115g

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