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MED-TAB Calibrator Screen Lux meter

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The Product development to: ARMSTEL, Inc.


Project set up time:Feb.. 2010,At present has been updated to the two generation product


Amedicom SimluxTM Lux Meter Parameters

ARMSTEL Simlux meter can be used to measure the luminance of the LCDs from any vendors, including regular commercial computer LCD monitor as well. Simlux meter should be used to work with ARMSTEL’s Amedicom DICOM GSDF Calispector software system for inspection or calibration. Calispector system generates and measures 256 greyscales of any 8-bit LCD monitor to compare with the GSDF Barten curve for the consistency. ARMSTEL Amedicom DICOM GSDF Calispector software system and Simlux meter conducts the inspection and calibration via USB port on the computer and tested LCD monitor.



Measuring range:0.01 ~2000 lux

Accuracy:±(3%tested value +0.5 F.S)(environmental temp:  23 ±5°C)

Detecting accuracy:0.01 lux

Sampling rate:3/s


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