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Leeb Hardness Tester HM-6561

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Measure the hardness of metal work piece.
Applicable to Die cavity of molds,
Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on a production line.

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  • HM-6561 (200~900(HLD))
* Die cavity of molds
* Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on aproduction line
* Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator and other equipment
* Inspection of installed machinery, permanent parts of assembled systems and heavy work pieces.
* Testing surface of a small hollow space
* Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials
* Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas for large-scale work piece
* Test at any angle, even upside down.
* Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS,HL.
* Large memory could store 50 groups including single measured value, impact direction, material and hardness scale etc.
* User recalibration function allowed.
* Can communicate with PC computer for statistics and printing by the optional cable.
* Manual or automatic shut down.
* Low battery indication.
Display: 12.5mm LCD with back light
Accuracy: Display error ±0.8% at LD=900
Measuring range: 200-900L
Conversion: HL-HRC-HRB-HB-HV-HSD
Materials: 9 different common materials
Memory: 50 data can be stored and re-readable

Impact device: D Will handle the majority of hardness testing applications. 

General Information

Power supply: 2x1.5V AAA size battery
Dimension: 146×65×36mm

Weight: 130g (not including batteries)

Catalogue : HM-6561.pdf

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