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In/Outdoor Thermometer TH814

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In/Outdoor Thermometer
Extra large LCD display

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  • TH814
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* NTC temperature sensor, measures rapidly. 
* Extra large LCD display 
* Max/Min display 
* º C/º F selectable 

Temperature: Indoor: 0~50º C (32~122º F); 
                      Outdoor: -20~70º C (-4 to +158º F); 
Accuracy: ± 1º C (± 1.8º F) at 25º C/77º F 
Resolution: 0.1º C/º F 
Outdoor temperature probe length: 3m 
Storage temperature: -10 to 60º C/ 14 to 140º F 
Large screen display: 84*61mm 
Measuring rate: ≤ 60s 

General Information

Dimensions: 120*100*28mm 
Battery: 1* 1.5V AA battery 
Weight: 180g
Packing: Gift box

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