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Ground Resistance Tester VC4105A

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Earth Resistance Ground Resistance Ground AC Voltage Measurement Digital Earth Resistance Meter VC4105A
Application:It can be used to measure a variety of power systems, electrical equipment, lightning protection equipment grounding system grounding resistance value, it can also measure AC voltage
Ground Voltage ( AC Voltage):200V
Ground Voltage Resolution:0.1V
Display:84.8×59.8mm LCD display, max display “1999”
Over Range Indication
Display “1”
Low Battery Indication
Power Dissipation
Electricity cost during test<=800mw
Work Environment
Teperature: 0-40C  
Relative Humidity: 30-80%RH
General Information
Power:8x 1.5V AAA battery
Product size:175x110x70mm
Weight:Approx: 500g
Earth Rod x 2
Instruction Manual
Test leads:Red 15m,yellow 10m,green 5m
Short test leads:red and yellow 1.6m

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