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Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester ST2016

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ST2016 Earth Resistance & Resistivity Tester


Earth Resistance Measurements with 2, 3 Wires, Auto Range
Earth Resistivity (ρ) Measurement using WENNER method



--2/3/4-wires accurate measurement of earth resistancesoil resistivity and earth voltage, etc.

--4-pole Soil Resistivity testing

--2-pole AC resistance measurements

--USB2.0 Interface

--Data storage: 999 groups

-- Auto power-off

--Backlight display

--Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) - identifies existing interference and chooses a measurement frequency

to minimize its effect, providing more accurate earth ground value

--4-digits large and clear LCD display with analog bar graph and blue backlit

--Safety as per IEC 1010-1 cat.III 600V

2-Pole/3-Pole Earth Resistance Measurement
ResolutionMeasuring range Accuracy
0.01 W0.0119.99 W±(2% + 3dgt)
0.1 W20.0~199.9 W
1 W200.0~999.0 W
0.01KW 1.000~1.99 KW
0.01KW2.0019.99 KW
 Measure Resistance Coefficient “r
ToleranceMeasuring rangeAccuracy
0.01 W0.06 Ω  99.99 Ω.m±(2% + 3dgt)
0.1 W100.0 Ω  999.9 Ω.m
0.001kW1.000 kΩ 9.999 KΩ.m
0.01kW10.00 kΩ  99.99 KΩ.m
0.1 KW100.0 kΩ  999.9 KΩ.m
1 KW1000 kΩ  1999 KΩ.m
 Value Range of Rh & Rs
Value Range of Rh & RsPrecision
 Measure Interference Voltage
ItemsMeasuring RangeTolerancePrecision
Interference Voltage (Ust) 50.0 V 0.1v±(2% + 2)
Frequency of Interference Voltage (Fst) 16Hz ~500 Hz 0.1Hz±(1% + 0.5Hz)

Safety Standards

This instrument is in compliance with EN61010, EN61557-1 & EN61557-5
Insulation Level : II, double-insulated
Pollution Level: 2
Maximum Altitude  2,000m
Overvoltage Level: CAT III 250V (firewire VS earth wire)
General Information 

Power Supply: 8x1.5V R14SG SIZEC Type

Size : 270(W)×190(L)×80(D)mm

Weight : 4kg

Power Supply
Batteries: 8 pcs batteries (1.5 V – R14G – SIZE C)
Low battery:The battery power is running out when appears.
Battery life:Meauring for 1,000 times
Fuse: F100 mA
Auto power-off: This instrument will shut down 5 minutes after the last instruction sent from PC or function selection.
Standard Accessories
4 pcs earth rods; 4 pcs crocodile clamps and wires
Black: 6mm; Red: 15mm; Blue: 30mm; Green: 6mm
User manual
Canvas bag
PC software and USB data cable


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