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Digital Earth Resistance Tester ST-3000

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ST-3000 0.01 ~2000 ohm Digital Earth Resistance Tester Ground Resistance
ST-3000 Earth resistance measurement,Earth voltage measurement,Low resistance measurement. New material body, stands hits, avoid slip, Solid and durable. Wire resistance verification,Data upload with RS232, Alarm function,Software monitoring,Data memory: 400 sets,Resistance range: 0.01Ω~2000Ω,Earth voltage range: 0~600V
Function:Earth resistance measurement, Earth voltage measurement, Low resistance measurement
Power Supply:DC 9V (Zi-Mn dry battery R14S 1.5V 6 PCS, continuous standby for 300 hours )
Measuring Mode:Precise 3-pole measurement, simple 2-pole measurement
Measuring Method:Earth ground resistance: constant current change-pole method, measurement current 3mA Max,820Hz;
Voltage to ground: average value rectification
Data Mode:Average value, maximum, minimum
Wire Resistance Verification:Avoid error caused by testing wire such as failed to be fully inserted into tester interface or by poor contact or by user's replacing or lengthening testing wires, making it more accurate for earth ground resistance measurement.
Display Mode:4-digital super-large LCD display, blue screen backlight, LCD dimension: 128mm×75mm; Display field:124mm×67mm
Measuring Indication:During measurement, LED flash indicator, LCD count down display
Earth Ground Resistance:Range:0.01Ω~2000Ω; Resolution:0.01Ω; Accuracy:±1%rdg±3dgt
Earth Ground Voltage:Range:0V~600V AC; Resolution:1V;  Accuracy:±1%rdg±3dgt
Tester Dimension:LWH:215mm×190mm×95mm
Testing Wires:Three wires: each for Red 20m, Yellow 10m, and Green 5m
Simple Testing Wire:2 wires: each for Red 1.6m and Green 1.6m
Auxiliary Earthing Rod:2 PCS: Φ10mm×150mm
Measuring Rate:l
Earth voltage measurement: 3 times/second; Earth resistance: 5 seconds/time
Measuring Times
Over 5000 times (20Ω range measuring 10Ω for one time and repeat after 25 seconds)
Circuit Voltage
Measuring voltage to ground: measuring below AC 600V
RS232 Interface
Possess RS232 interface, software supervision, storage data can be uploaded to computer, preserved and printed.
Communication Wire
One piece of RS232 communication wire, with length 1.5m
Data Storage
400 sets, flash display "FULL"icon to indicate storage is full
Data hold function:"HOLD"icon display
Data read function: "READ" icon display
Overflow Display:Exceeding measuring range overflow function: "OL"icon display
Alarm Function:When measuring value exceeds alarm setting value, there is "Toot-toot-toot"alarm hint
Battery Voltage:When battery voltage decreases to about 7.8V, battery voltage low icon " "will display, reminding to replace battery.
Power Consumption:Backlight:25mA Max; Standby: 25mA Max(Backlight shut off);Measurement:70mA Max(Backlight shut off)
Weight:1443g(with batteries)
Working Temperature & Humidity:-10°c~40°c;below 80%rh
Storage Temperature & Humidity:-20°c~60°c;below 70%rh
Overload Protection:Measuring earth ground resistance: between each interfaces of E-P,E-C, AC 280V/3 seconds
Insulation Resistance:Over 10MΩ(between circuit and enclosure it is 500V)
Withstanding Voltage:AC 3700V/rms (Between circuit and enclosure)
Electromagnetic Features:IEC61010-4-3,Wireless frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m
Protection Type:IEC61010-1,IEC1010-2-31,IEC61557-1,5,IEC60529(IP54),CAT III 300V Pollution etc.
Tester:1PC; Earthing Rod:2PCS;  Testing Wire:3PCS; Simple testing wire:2PCS;
RS232 Com-cable:1PC; Software disk:1PC; Tester bag:1PC

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