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Digital Anemometer AM831

Mini Anemometer
Air temperature
Air Speed
Vane Anemometer

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AM821-Air velocity measuring

AM831-Air velocity, temperature

AM841-Airvelocity,temperature, and flow volume measurement .



* Max values

* Hold button to freeze readings

* Backlight display

* Auto Off function

* Separate Ø 65 mm vane



Parameters: Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/min, Bft, º C/ º F

Air speed: 0.4~ 30m/s

Temperature: -10 ~ 50 º C/14 ~ 122º F

Accuracies: ± (3% reading +0.2m/s); ± 1º C

Resolution: 0.1m/s, 0.1º C or 0.1º F

Sampling Rate :0.5s

Display: 4 digits LCD

Sensor Cable Length : 2m after stretched

Ambient conditions: 0 ~ 50 º C/32 ~ 122º F

Storage/transport condition: -10 ~ 60 º C, 14 ~ 140º F


General Information :

Power supply: 1x 9.0V, 6F22 batteries

Size: 155*73*36 mm

Weight: 330g

Packing: English Manual x1

        Pouch x1


Catalogue : AM831 Anemometer.pdf

English Manual :AM831.pdf

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