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Coating Thickness Gauge CM-8826FN

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Coating Thickness Gauge CM-8826FN (F Type, NF Type)
The F probes measure the thickness of non-magnetic materials (e.g. paint, plastic, porcelain enamel, copper, zinc, aluminium, chrome etc.) on magnetic materials (e.g. iron, nickle etc.) . often used to measure the thickness of galvanizing layer, lacquer layer, porcelain enamel layer, phosphide layer, copper tile, aluminium tile, some alloy tile, paper etc.

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  • CM-8826FN (F Type, NF Type)


* Two measuring methods: magnetic induction (F) and eddy current (N)
* Two measurement mode: Single and Continuous(Notice:Continuous mode is convenient to measure the
coating thickness of curved objects and tiny objects.)
* Metric/imperial system selectable.

* Manual or automatic shut down.

* Automatic memory of calibration value,and automatic recognize the substrate.
* Operation process have buzzing reminder,while no buzzing in continuous mode.
* Use “USB data output” and “RS-232 data output” to connect with PC.

* Provide “Bluetooth ™ data output” choice.

* Separate Type can provide several type probe, measure can be more flexibility.


Operating Principle  Magnetic Induction / Eddy Current (F / NF)
  Measuring Range  0~1250 um / 0~50 mil
  Resolution  0.1 um / 1 um
  Min. Radius Workpiece  F Type: convex 1.5 mm / concave 25 mm NF Type: convex 3 mm / concave 50 mm
  Min. Measuring Area  6 mm
  Min. Sample Thickness  0.3 mm
  Accuracy  ± 1~3%n or ± 2.5 um
  Auto Power Off
  Metric / Imperial  Convertible
  Battery Indicator  Low Battery Indicator
  Operating Conditions  Temp. 0~40 °C, Humidity: 10~90 %RH
  Power Supply  4 x 1.5 V AAA (UM-4) Battery
  Dimensions  126 x 65 x 27 mm
  Weight  81 g (Not Including Batteries)

Standard Accessories:

 1. Main Unit

 2. Probe (F Type / NF Type)

 3. Calibration Base Set (F Type / NF Type) CTG-BS

 4. Calibration Foils CTG-CF (1 set, 4 pieces)

 5. Carrying Case

 6. Operation Manual

Optional accessories:

 1. USB, RS-232C data cable with software
 2. Bluetooth data out put with software

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