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Clamp Leakage Meter ST-6800

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ST-6800  Clamp Leakage Current Meter AC
Large clamp,high accuracy,high anti-interference ability, and high quality, designed for measurement of AC leakage current, AC current and on-line AC current. Measurement range:0.00mA~1200A,resolution:0.01mA, size of clamp:Φ68mm.With RS232 interface and can upload data to pc, and can store 99sets data. 
Function:Measurement of AC leakage current, AC current and on-line measurement
Power:Zn-Mn dry battery,6F22,9V
Test Mode:Clip-on CT, integral mode
Display Mode:Four digits LCD display
Dimension:Width × Height× Thickness:175mm×70mm×38mm
LCD Dimension:35mm×21.5mm;display domain:32mm×15mm
Sampling Rate:about 2 times/s
Frequency:50/60Hz  Automatically
Range Shift:Automatically
Accuracy(23°C±3°C,below 70%RH):
      0.00~60.00A:      ±1.5%±5dgt
      60.00A~199.9A:    ±2%±5dgt
      200.0A~300.0A:    ±4%±5dgt
      300.0A~600A:      ±4%±5dgt 
Voltage Range:AC600V
RS232 Interface:Data stored in the memory of the meter via RS232 upload to PC, or on-line monitoring
Storage:99units,all used when display FULL
Peak Hold:Push HOLD without release, the meter will show the peak value during the pushing period 
Reading Hold:DH indicating the reading is hold
Out of Range:OL indicating the current is out of range
Auto Power-off:5 Minutes after power on, it will power off automatically to lower the power consumption
Battery Voltage:Indicating the battery voltage is lower than 7.2V.Then the battery have to be changed
Weight:120g(including the battery)
Consumption:About 5mW
Temperature and Humidity:Working: 0°C~40°C,below 80%rh,Storage: -10°C~60°C,below 70%rh
Insulating Strength:AC2kV/rms.(between the alloy of the clamp and the housing)
Applicable Safety Rules:IEC1010-1,IEC1010-2-032,pollution, etc 2,CAT III(600V)
Meter: 1pc; RS232 communication line:1 pc; disk: 1 pc; battery(6F22 9V): 1 pc.
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