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Cable Tester

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Cable Tester STNF-838

ST-838 multipurpose LCD cable test & inspection instrument is the latest inspection instruction with a number of new functions researched and developed by our company. The product is composed of emitter (838-M) briefly called launcher, receiver (838-R) called receiver and remote identifier (838-S) called remote identifier.The new instrument is provided with fluent appearance, excellent hand feel and considerate human-centered design. It owns three great functions of hunting, wire sorting and circuit status testing and the features of quickness and accuracy, thus, it becomes available tool for technicians in installation and maintenance of weak current system, such as, communication line, comprehensive wiring circuit,etc.It is widely applicable to telephone system, computer network, other metal wire circuit and other fields.

* LCD, the display effect is more direct, more visual and clearer.
* The wire can be hunted directly in connection with Ethernet switch/router/PC terminal of different models in startup. 
* Test 5E, 6E, telephone wire, coaxial cable, USB cable, 1394 line and other cables for troubleshooting. 
* RJ45/RJ11/BNC/USB/1394 and other ports are included and the complex switch is not required. 
* select startup/shutdown function and backlight display function.
* Sound hint function of different circuit status.
* 9V battery for power supply and low-voltage hint function.
1.Overall dimension 
   Emitter: 185x80x32mm; receiver: 218x46x29mm;
   Remote identifier: 107x30x24mm
2.Power: Two laminated batteries of 9V 
3.Display:Large screen LCD segmented display (effective visual area 54x26mm)
4.Type of cable tested: RJ 45/RJ11/BNC/USB/1394 and other different types
5.Type of cable detected: RJ 45/RJ11/BNC/USB/1394 and other metal wires 
6.Ambient temperature in work-10℃~+60℃
7.Signal transmission distance More than 3 km 
8.Location of wire order and cable failure:Failure test, open circuit, short circuit, reversed position, crossing and series winding
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